TruBrain Nootropic Sleep


Drink to dream – our 1oz sleep and relaxation shot Nootropics + functional oils to ease into a deep, quality sleep and wake up refreshed.



Key Features

✔ Works with your natural biochemistry.
✔ Fast acting formula for deep, restorative sleep.
✔ Wake up refreshed.

What is it?

Our first drink to target the most critical factor in cognitive healthcare – Sleep. Our 1oz sleep and relaxation shots are made with a combination of Nootropics and functional oils to help you ease into deep sleep and wake up refreshed. Made by our neuroscientists to work with your natural biochemistry for healthy sleep cycles.

How does it work?

TruBrain Sleep works by nudging you into a liminal state between being asleep and awake. The best practice is to keep a consistent circadian rhythm by going to sleep and waking at the same time. As Dr. Andrew Hill will tell you, It’s also helpful to get some morning sun in your face for at least ten minutes within the first hour, to keep your sleep cycle really tightly entrained.

Like many systems, sleep is based on pattern and rhythm. Sleep is based on certain timing and other oscillatory mechanisms in the brain. Without the brain sleeping for six to eight hours a night, and having the restorative recovery, it is quite a detriment to overall productivity.

How to take?

We recommend enjoying one drink approximately 30 minutes before bedtime.

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