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Meet your Keto wingman. Get into Ketosis fast to burn the most efficient fuel for the mind & body. Made with raw, premium Ketone Ester. No carbs. No sugars.

What is Ketosis


key features

✔ Get into Ketosis easier to burn the most efficient fuel for mind and body.

✔ NO Stimulants, NO carbs, NO sugars. Made with raw, premium Ketone Ester (it’s food).

✔ Boost mental focus and steady energy, while amplifying the fat-burning of a Keto diet and workouts.

What is It?

Ketones are an all natural food called Betahydroxybutyrate. We believe TruBrain Ketones are the best on the market due to the patent-pending combination of raw Ketone Ester & Mineral based Ketones for essential electrolytes. Our Ketones pair a highly bioavailable form of raw Ketones (D-Betahydroxybutyrate) for initial quick-release energy combined with mineral based Ketones that deliver critical electrolytes for hydration.

Electrolytes are vital for the body to maintain normal metabolic processes, regulate blood sugar levels and support an effective metabolism. The muscles and neurons are the “electric tissues” of the body. They rely on the movement of electrolytes through the fluid inside, outside, or between cells.


Ketones are the most efficient energy source that the body produces. Good news – it’s frictionless energy. Bad news – it’s hard to activate in the body with our stressful carb-heavy lifestyle. Our Ketones help support the goal of frequent Ketosis by naturally nudging your own production of Ketones.
This provides a fast acting and low taxing energy source (e.g. an Iphone in wifi range prefers wifi vs. cell tower b/c it’s the more efficient source – same way the body uses Ketones if it’s “within range” (Ketosis). Ketones also support the metabolism of neural pathways in the brain to increase focus and mood.


TruBrain Ketones works best with an overall lifestyle of diet and fitness.

Morning – stoke your metabolism and pounce on cognitive benefits
Pre Workout – to prepare your body for demands of the gym
During Workout – for best post exercise recovery


We develop products that empower your best thinking (and doing).

✔ Products designed with input directly from customers
✔ Our products impact biomarkers that you can actually measure (blood ketone level)
✔ We sell directly to you – fair prices, no middlemen.


Vegan. Gluten Free. Tasty. All natural ingredients with smooth chocolate or vanilla taste. Pairs great with your morning coffee or an afternoon pick me up. TruBrain Ketones has zero carbs, zero gums or fillers, and zero sugars. In other words, zero junk.

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