TruBrain Capsules


TruBrain Capsules

TruBrain Capsules are a complete source of minerals, nutrients, and nootropics to help boost your mental bandwidth.


  • Fuel the brain to overcome mental blocks
  • Minerals, nutrients and Nootropics
  • Taste neutral with no carbs, no sugar, no caffeine

What is inside:

  • Featuring Noopept, L-Theanine & L-Carnitine
  • Each bottle contains a 30-day supply
  • Natural ingredients and backed by science

Key Features

✔ Fuel the brain to power past stress, overcome mental blocks, and boost mental output.

✔ Made with potent, natural amino acids, Nootropics and minerals that refuels what your brain burns through.

✔ Capsules taste neutral with no carbs, no sugar, no caffeine, and no fillers.

What is it?

TruBrain Capsules are filled with nootropics – the functional amino acids, nutrients, and minerals that are consumed by the brain and directly support cognitive function. The TruBrain formula is also fortified with brain food like magnesium and choline that are naturally found in foods like spinach, artichokes, and kale. While present in many whole foods, one cannot attain beneficial amounts of nootropics from eating whole foods alone. That’s where TruBrain comes in.

How Does It Work?

Our formula increases blood flow to the brain, which delivers more oxygen and glucose to neurons. This improves the brain’s “plasticity” or ability to make new connections. In addition, our formula provides raw materials, like magnesium and choline, that naturally support your brain’s metabolism and function.

How to Take?

Take 3 capsules each morning, with or without food. Take regularly to improve your baseline.

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