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Amplify Your Mental & Physical Energy Levels With NITROamp’s Smart Caffeine Formula. Experience Crash Free Dopamine Support With Soothing L-Theanine

If you are looking for the benefits of coffee (without the sugar, cream, and energy crash) then Smart Caffeine is the answer.

‘Smart Caffeine’ is the term given to a supplement that features Caffeine powder and L-Theanine mixed to a ratio of 1:2 respectively. In scientific studies this ratio’s ‘sweet spot’ has shown the following:

  • Caffeine wards off mental fatigue, boost productivity, and lift our moods by stimulating the production of Dopamine.
  • L-theanine has been shown to reduce Cortisol (stress) levels and promote relaxation ‘without sedation’ by increasing the brain’s Alpha Wave activity.

And while the side effects of taking Caffeine alone include jitters, anxiety, heart palpitations, and worse still – the heavy onset of mental fatigue – The soothing effects L-Theanine has on the central nervous system eradicate these negatives.

The result is NITROamp®; a ‘Smart Caffeine’ supplement that empowers you to say goodbye to the anxiousness, overstimulation, and ultimate crash often experienced with Caffeine, and say hello to 4 – 6 hours of smooth, crisp, mental, and physical energy.

Stress free, engaged, and confident.

GMP 60 Capsules

Kickstart your day the healthier way with NITROamp® as a standalone Confidence, Energy, and Mood enhancement supplement.

Alternatively, pair with NITROvit® and find yourself with an abundance of energy to conquer that gym session, a relaxed sense of confidence when engaging in social activities and at work, or to fuel the get-up-and-go needed to accomplish arduous tasks and get things done.

  • Manufactured in New York, USA in a Certified G.M.P Laboratory
  • Guarana + L-Theanine Reduce Susceptibility to Distracting Information in Memory Tasks, Aiding Learning
  • Perfect for Workouts, Productive Study Sessions, and All-Day Confidence
  • Contains BioPerine® for more effective absorption (Bioavailability)
  • NITROamp® delivers amazing results within minutes
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Who Does NITROamp Benefit The Most?

First and foremost, NITROamp® is loved by those who combine it daily with NITROvit® to add real bite. NITROamp® delivers energy and confidence for those needing to be sharp and on point, engaged, calm, and without lethargy.

NITROamp® offers the unfair advantage to anyone who needs to bring their A-game.

The Socially Unconfident

If you are uncomfortable in social situations, freeze up or at a loss for words when put on the spot then NITROamp® offers a solution.

The Caffeine content blocks the neurotransmitter Adenosine’s receptors, increasing excitability in the brain, along with serotonin and dopamine production to improve mood.

L-Theanine’s ability to lower anxiety makes the combo highly effective at providing a worry-free sense of calm, positivity, and excitement – thus improving confidence – even around others.

Lethargic Anti-Exercisers

NITROamp® is the perfect all-natural pre-workout aid.

The Guarana smoothly provides increases to aerobic and anaerobic performance for a blistering workout without the sugars, additives, and overstimulation associated with nearly all OTC pre-workout supplements.

Many of us too often avoid exercise or gyms because we don’t actually want to be there, or find ourselves lacking the focus to make it count, yet NITROamp’s® ingredients provide a smooth crisp level of mental focus and energy for higher intensity workouts – with a smile on your face.

Those Needing A Lift

As we age, it is very easy to lose confidence and hope in ourselves and our abilities because of compromised mental acuity and sharpness in this fast-paced world.

NITROamp® combats this due to its ingredients improving reaction times, vigilance, information processing and results when performing concentration-based tasks.

When supplementing with NITROamp® you can expect to experience a new found spring in your step, calm, confident, and in control.

Make age nothing more than just a number.

Perform Under Pressure

Use NITROamp® when competing, presenting, or performing where focus and confidence are paramount.

The Guarana supplies the energy and concentration needed to win – paired with the L-Theanine to melt away any anxiety – leaving you to focus on bringing your best every time.

NITROamp® delivers the kind of crisp level of mental concentration and spirit needed to perform at your best, with L-Theanine regulating the central nervous system for unrivalled confidence under pressure.

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1. Use NITROamp® solo as a Mood, Confidence, and Energy Enhancer

NITROamp® works perfectly as a standalone supplement, ideal for long study sessions, strenuous or rigorous physical activity, hectic days requiring a calm and stable mind, or for those looking to come out of their shell and be more engaged and switched on.

And at just $17.97 – $0.59 a day – NITROamp® is a superb ‘daily driver’ for the budget conscious or those looking to dip their toe into the world of nootropics.

Ultimate Nootropic stack

2. Pair NITROamp® with NITROvit® for the Ultimate Nootropic stack

The results a supplement delivers are often less about the individual ingredients and their benefits, and more to do with their interactions with each other.

NITROvit’s® Noopept® and Choline have a very powerful interaction with the Guarana in NITROamp® delivering amplified focus, energy, memory, and mood.

Better still, NITROamp’s® BioPerine® makes the absorption of NITROvit’s® ingredients much more efficient.

Pair NITROamp

3. Pair NITROamp® with NITROdrive® for boosted energy and stamina

When stacking NITROamp® and NITROdrive® together you can expect to experience endless improvements to stamina, libido, and energy levels.

Take the two supplements together before intimacy with your partner and take 10 years off the ‘virility clock’.

Caffeine is found in endless sexual enhancement products and its interactions with NITROdrive’s® Horny Goat Weed and Maca Root show why.

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How To Obtain The Best Results

Take 2 NITROamp® capsules either 1 hour before, or 1 hour after breakfast. Alternatively, you may take 2 capsules before a workout, study session, or social gathering requiring a list to energy, focus, or confidence.

Do not consume more than 4 capsules in a 24-hour period.

NOTE: NITROamp® works best when combined with NITROvit® and NITROdrive® for total mental & physical optimization.

Warning: Not intended for use by persons under the age of 16. Not for use by pregnant or lactating women. Consult a physician prior to consumption if you have any pre-existing medical conditions or are taking any prescription medication.

Use only as directed. NITROamp® contains Caffeine (Guarana). Always stay well hydrated when supplementing with NITROamp®. Store in a cool, dry place. †

NITROamp® Ingredients

BioPerine® – 5 mg (see details and description in NITROvit® section)

Guarana Powder – 300 mg (see details and description in NITROvit® section)

L-Theanine – 100 mg

The amino acid L-Theanine is commonly found in green tea and Xerocomus badius mushroom. This non-proteinic and non-dietary amino acid is widely known for its positive effects on mood, focus, and mental performance. L-Theanine is a staple in most mood-boosting stacks because the nootropic promotes relaxation without causing drowsiness. It helps the users to relax, unwind, and live stress-free.

L-Theanine Benefits: : L-Theanine acts as the ‘Yang’ to caffeine’s ‘Yin’. While caffeine gives the extra boost of energy and mental alertness (i.e.) puts you in the zone, L-Theanine ensures you stay within the zone by keeping you calm, composed, and focused.

Research suggests that L-Theanine is the perfect remedy to deal with high anxiety levels. Both animal and human studies have found L-Theanine limits the stimulation of corticosterone (a chemical released due to high-stress levels) and neurochemicals that affect mood, reduce mental clarity, cause insomnia, and impact memory formation.

L-Theanine reduces stress and promotes relaxation by means of three key mechanisms. First, the nootropic increases the neurotransmitter GABA that inhibits the stress signals and relaxes the mind and the body. Secondly, L-Theanine curtails the ‘fight or flight’ reactions by blocking the functioning of the excitatory neurotransmitter glutamic acid. L-Theanine does this by acting as a barrier and preventing the binding of glutamic acid with glutamate receptors. Finally, the nootropic reduces depression and promotes relaxation by boosting the production of the alpha brain waves.

L-Theanine’s role as an NMDA receptor antagonist also serves another very beneficial function. By preventing the over-stimulation of the brain, the nootropic reduces the risk of glutamate toxicity, which is one of the leading factors that contribute to the development of neurodegenerative diseases.

The amino acid commonly found in green tea has a positive role in boosting creativity, memory, energy, and overall cognition. L-Theanine delivers these benefits by crossing the blood-brain barrier with ease and increasing the production of vital neurotransmitters such as dopamine, serotonin, and GABA. In addition, the amino acid creates a favorable environment for the creation of the Alpha and Theta Waves in the brain.

Effects of L-Theanine on Mood Responses to a Cognitive Stressor, Change in Cortisol, Cognitive Performance on MTF, and Resting State Alpha Oscillatory Activity

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