Author: Dylan Gregory

What are Nootropic Foods?

Foods, or the compounds and nutrients inside of foods, can lead to better brain health. Nootropic supplements contain numerous compounds that protect and enhance the brain. A lack of the appropriate compounds in a person’s diet can […]

What are Nootropic Compounds?

Nootropics are designed to help improve mental performance. From improved memory to better focus and learning, nootropics can give you that mental edge you need to perform better at work or school. Before you enter the world […]

How to Improve Brain Health

Brain health plays a crucial role in cognitive function and can help prevent mental decline as you age. Improving your brain health can boost your memory, thinking skills and focus. But how can you boost your brain […]

Are Energy Drinks Bad for You?

Energy drinks can deliver a quick jolt of energy, but are they harming your health? A growing body of evidence shows that energy-enhancing drinks can have adverse effects on your health when consumed in excess. Like everything […]

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